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  • Leaps & Bounds Cheer Energy  Cheer Energy All Stars is the premier competitive cheerleading program in Denham Springs. With over 65 National and Regional Championship titles, our tradition of excellence is obvious from the moment you walk through the doors of our beautiful gym.
    • We not only teach perfect technique in tumbling, stunting, jumps and motions, we also instill core values and principles that stay with our athletes for all of their lives. Whether our teams are dominating their divisions at events or the coaches are giving positively charged pep talks to an athlete struggling in the gym, we always strive for greatness. We know that winning happens in the gym before the teams ever step foot on the competition floor.
    • Champions know that the key to a tradition in excellence is patience in the long game. There are no short cuts in any sport and All Star cheerleading is no exception. While we know there are many that accept minimum effort and reward mediocrity with accelerated progressions, we stand behind our demand for excellence from our athletes. We have the highest rate of success for athletes being selected for school cheer teams, student of the year and honor roll. We are proud that our All Star athletes competitive spirits and dedicated work ethic extend beyond the walls of our gym.
    • At Cheer Energy we know that it’s a team effort for athletes, coaches and parents and this is why we hold a prestigious end of the year banquet for all of our athletes and their parents. It’s the most elegant and special way any sports program around honors the dedication, individual achievements and commitment it takes to make each season successful. Inducting athletes into CE Legends, naming our Rookie and our Athlete of the Year, handing out the fun parental superlatives and so much more is what makes it a truly unique and exciting party.
    • We can tell you all about Cheer Energy and how we are different but until you experience it for yourself you’ll never know what it means to be a part of the best. We have a place for you!


Cheer Energy Department Leader: Andrea McBride

andreaAndrea loves kids as much as she does All Star Cheerleading. She has been coaching cheerleading since 1994.  Andrea cheered at and graduated from SLU with a BA in Mass Communications and Broadcasting. She leads a phenomenal team of coaches that are educated in every aspect of All Star Cheerleading from maxing out score sheets to building teams with optimum outcomes. She is a Level 4 certified and professional member of the USASF and a member of ASGA.  Andrea is a regular contributor to “Cheer!” Magazine and annual attendee of industry conferences

She is a mother of three kids and wife of Terry Mcbride. In her free time, she enjoys going on adventures with her family and reading and going to the beach too.




 Jamfest Europeans in June 2016!

Leaps & Bounds will be taking all star cheer and dance teams to Jamfest Europeans in June 2016! If your family is interested in being a part of this exciting experience, please let us know and we will add your name to our email list. We will begin fundraising and placing athletes on teams soon, so get your name on the list now! We will hold a skills camp, a choreography camp and then start practicing in early April 2016.

Some cheer experience is required for the all star cheer teams. There is a maximum number of athletes we will be accepting so reserve your spot quickly! Cut off to sign up will be November 1st, 2015. Some fundraising will be mandatory to help cover coaching expenses. Details are still being determined and much will be decided once we have a final roster of families and athletes. Call 665-7200 to sign up or email Coach Andrea McBride at andrea@leapsandboundssports.org

I love cheering because it is fun. I get to do flips and stunts. To start with, I love flipping because people can see how cool it is and want to do cheer with cheer energy. Not only do I love doing cool stunts but cheer also makes me responsible. I get to be a base or a back spot. Being a base or a back spot is very important. You have to make sure that you are not wiggling. If you are, your flyer will fall. Therefore, you know why I love cheering. Finally I love cheering with friends and they love cheering with me because we have fun and work together.

~Camryn Nora

Camryn Nora