Cheer University

Welcome to Cheer University 

We specialize in teaching and training Cheerleading to children ages 4 years and up. We train tumbling, stunts, jumps, and motion technique. We also choreograph cheer routines, cut music, as well as teach private camps and clinics.

We Know That Cheerleading is a Sport…And who else to learn from than the best trained professionals available! Our staff consists of awesome individuals who have made high school and collegiate squads, competitive tumblers, All Star judges as well as UCA Certified Advisors. We are equipped to teach you what you need to know to make the squad.

Cheery O’s

A fun introductory cheerleading & movement class designed to teach basic cheerleading and tumbling to kids from 4-6 years old. Cheery O’s is a great first step into the growing and exciting sport of cheerleading.  Opportunities are available to perform in front of crowds giving our Cheery-O’s valuable experience.

Cheer Tumble

Cheer Tumble focuses strictly on tumbling for cheerleading and basic motions for jumps for athletes 1st grade & up. Cheer Tumble uses USASF Tumbling curriculum. Athletes in Cheer Tumble are tested regularly on their skills.  Parents can view their progress online.  

Custom School Squad Classes

Leaps & Bounds is home to several school cheerleading squads.  Arrange a custom curriculum just for your squad. From the basics, to getting synchronized to elite stunting, we will tailor a class to your squad’s needs. Minimum of eight. Call the Director for specifics.


Leaps and Bounds Cheer Energy When you are ready for the next level, Competitive Cheerleading, we are ready for you.

Cheer Class Skill Requirements


I Willingness to learn Forward Roll Forward Straddle Roll Back Roll Back Straddle Roll Handstand R/L Cartwheel Limbering Skills
II Handstand (3 sec.) R/L Cartwheel Working RO Limbering Skills Back Handsprings (BHS)
III All Limbering Skills Standing BHS Working RO BHS Standing Series RO Series Standing Tuck Tuck Whip Back
III Advanced Round off, 2 BHS,Tucks, Pikes, Layouts, Halfs, Fulls, Whip Backs, Aerials, etc.



Cheery-O’s – $79.50/month

Tumble – $79.50/month


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Cheer University Department Leader:  Morgan Bucher

morganMorgan is one of our own.  She started as a student on the French Settlement High School Cheer Squad.  She worked at Leaps & Bounds through college and graduated from LSU in Accounting but the numbers she liked to count best were 5-6-7-8.  She came on staff full time and has been leading Cheer University since 2013 and remained an integral part of Cheer Energy All Star staff as well.

Morgan is married and has one daughter, Amelia.  She loves being a positive influence on the athletes she coaches and when she is not doing that, she is whipping up something good in the kitchen.