Crawling (Parent Participation)

Our curriculum for 6 months thru 23 months students is based on the  ABC’s: Attach, Bond, Connect.

Attach:  From birth you and your baby begin creating a powerful attachment.  The response you have to the cues your baby gives establishes a magnet like feeling the two of you share.  Your baby’s sense of security begins with a healthy attachment to you.

Bond:  The foundation for a strong bond between you and your baby begins with a secure attachment.  The bond the two of you create will be developed through movement.  The motivation to move comes from her desire to be close and connected with you.

Connect:  To make the mind body connection, our curriculum uses a combination of carefully constructed fine and gross motor movements infused with finger plays, music and uninhibited exploration.  The group aspect  provides your baby with an opportunity to interact with other babies.  This early interaction will teach your baby how to engage with others and benefit your baby’s social development.

Research shows that early parent-child interaction greatly contributes to the healthy social, cognitive and physical development of your child. Our program is strategically designed to provide an outlet for productive play with your child.


About Our Staff

We believe that the greatest strength of our program is our teachers. Tumble Bee teachers have a genuine love for children, as well as a thorough understanding of early childhood development. Each of us is here to help your child grow and learn, and we do that through the fun and challenging activities we offer each week. 

Research indicates that the primary reason children participate in sports is to have fun. The number one reason they quit is because it is not fun anymore. Our teachers understand this concept and are committed to creating a positive, fun, learning environment in every class.  We know that the preschool years are the best time to learn to “love to learn.”