Swim School

Our number one goal is to teach your child to be safe and self sufficient in the water while giving them a fun learning experience that they will never forget! We do this through group songs and games as well as one on one time with the instructor. We want to do everything in our power to ensure that your child will come away with skills  that they can use for a lifetime.

Our instructors and Deck Managers are First Aid & CPR certified and have undergone extensive training by our Swim Director. We strive to hold the highest standard for drowning prevention and water safety by having the most alert staff at the pool. We do this because your kids safety is so important to us. Stop by and find out why we are the only swim program in town with the confidence to offer 100% tuition-back guarantee. ( We do not offer free trial classes due to the small class enrollment.)



Parent participation   |   6 mo-3 yrs

Guppies is a parent participation class designed to introduce your tiny one to a swimming environment. This class consists of up to 10 students (and a parent) and one teacher. Your child will practice skills like kicks, scoops, and suspension in the water through songs and games. Your child will also be introduced to important safety skills such as back floating, climbing out of the pool and stopping at the edge of the pool. All while having special one-on-one time with you! Swim diapers(reusable only) are required for non potty trained students. 


Water safety   |   recommended for 3-5 yrs

Our Angelfish class is designed to teach your child life-saving water safety skills. This fast paced, 30-minute class has a 4:1 student teacher ratio to make sure that your child gets the individual attention they need and plenty of time in the water. Our number one goal is for your little one to become safe and self-sufficient in the water. We will practice prone – position swimming, back floating, breath control, climbing out of the pool, and how to react after an accidental fall into the pool. Through songs, games and individual drills, our teachers will make sure that your little one has a great time while learning a vital life skill. Swim diapers(reusable only) are required for non potty trained students.


Beginner stroke development   |  Recommended 5-7 yrs

Our Starfish class is for the child that can swim independently, but needs some refinement. We know that gaining a sense of accomplishment is important to your child, so we have broken down our curriculum into reachable goals for your child. In this class, we practice freestyle, rotary breathing, backstroke, along with water safety skills such as back floating, responding to falls into the water, and overall endurance.


advanced stroke development   |  Recommended 7-12 yrs

Tigerfish swim class is for the child that has mastered basic swim strokes and is ready to be the coolest swimmer at the pool. In this coaching-style class, your child will learn advanced strokes like the breaststroke, sidestroke, skulling, treading water and more! We will also ensure that your child has mastered water safety skills so you can rest easy (but alert!) at your next pool day. Your child will walk away from our Tigerfish class feeling accomplished and confident in their abilities as a swimmer!

Piranha Club

Summer Camp Students

The Piranha Club is exclusively for students who attend Leaps and Bounds Summer Adventure Camp.  Your child will have a 30 minute  lesson and will learn a variety of water safety skills that will make their pool time during camp even more of a blast!   Our ultimate goal is for your child to be safe and self sufficient in the water. We achieve this by teaching your child safety skills such as back floating, breath holding and independent swimming. We also have advanced skills for more experienced swimmers.

Private Swim Lessons

3 -12yr

This one-on-one class puts your child on a fast track to learning those all important safety skills with undivided attention from our teachers. As with all of our classes, the goal of private lessons is to help your child be safe and self sufficient in the water.

Private lessons are held on a weekly basis. Call our office to schedule your private lessons: 665.7200 or sign up online.

Watching Policy:

We would love for you to hang out on the deck and watch your child’s progress. We have provided a covered area with chairs for you while your child swims. If you have questions about your child’s progress or lessons, don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher after class.

No Swim School Make Ups … But Why?

Make up classes are offered if class is cancelled due to unsafe weather, but not for any other reason. Why do we offer make ups in other Leaps & Bounds programs but not Swim? We made a value judgment to prioritize the educational value and safety of our 4:1 ratio over the convenience of make-ups. We hope you agree with our decision. Sorry, no prorated credits or refunds for any reason (see provisions for rain days below).

Sorry, we do not give the multiple children or multiple class discount for swim.

Rainy Day Policy:

We operate in an outdoor pool and because safety is of the utmost importance, we will not have classes if we observe thunder and lightening. Unfortunately, the weather is a factor that we cannot control (As much as we wish we could!)

  • In the event of bad weather, we will call you at least 30 minutes before your class begins to let you know if it is cancelled. If you do not get a call, assume that class is still on.
  • You are guaranteed 8 full classes. We save Thursday and Friday of Week  2 of your session for rainy – day makeup lessons.


Important Information

1. Our swim program is designed to teach your child how to be safe and self sufficient in the water. Your child will walk away from our program with instinctive skills regarding water safety. And lots of fun memories!

2. Your child’s face will get wet during class. This is a big deal for some of our little swimmers, so make sure to prep and encourage them!

3. The goal of every class (excluding Guppies) is to have your child swimming in the prone position on their own. We do everything we can to make this fun and empowering for your child – but it can be scary! If you would like your child’s teacher to take a gentler approach at any point, feel free to speak up.

4. Our pool is 4′ deep -5’deep. We have viewing areas and restrooms as well as changing facilities. We welcome you to watch from the pool deck.

5. All of our employees are First aid and CPR Certified with extensive training.

6. Classes with only 1 student enrolled will be combined with another class. If no class combination is possible, the class will be considered private and will be reduced to a 15 minute class of one-on-one instruction.

7. Our small, 4:1 ratio exists for one reason– to provide a unique and exceptional swim experience for your child. However, there is a downside to our small ratios: it limits the number of students we are able to accept and favorite classes fill up quickly. Don’t wait!

We can’t wait to meet you and your little one!


2022 Swim Schedule

Session 1 April 18-27
Session 2 May 2-11
Session 3

May 16-25

Session 4 May 31-Jun 9(Closed May 30)
Session 5 Jun 13-22
Session 6 Jun 27- July 7(Closed July 4th)
Session 7 July 11-20
Session 8 July 25- Aug 3
  • Classes  are First Week: Monday –Friday, Second Week: Monday – Wednesday

2022 Class Schedule


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2 Week  Sessions

30 Minute Classes

Week 1: Monday – Friday

Week 2: Monday – Wednesday

8 classes total

Cost: $166



1 wk session- 4 Classes Guaranteed

30 Minute Classes

Week 1: Monday – Thursday

Ages 6 mths -12 yrs: $189

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Michael Kirshner, Instructor