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Human Resources

At Leaps & Bounds Sports Centers you can find our photobiographies of the over 45 staff members from each of the many departments that make up Leaps &Bounds Sports Center.

As you peruse the wall and scan the bios, you’ll quickly notice our staff is a team of diverse talent of people dedicated to kids.  We get a kick out of watching kids grow!

  • What draws people from all points to Denham Springs to practice their craft of educating children?
  • Why do Leaps & Bounds employees drive from as far as Gonzales  to work each day?

We like to think it’s the Leaps & Bounds’ Mission, “To develop happy, healthy, responsible children.”

We like to think it’s because they belong to an amazing team of personalities who specialize in “doing good things for kids.”

And, we like to think that in all the world, there’s no place like Leaps & Bounds, not just for kids and families, but for employees as well.

Leaps & Bounds is ALWAYS looking for exceptional people.

We diligently follow our 5 Hiring Mantras in our quest to employ the very best. 

#1 – Hire the character, train the skill.
#2 – We shall go short staffed before we go poorly staffed.
#3 – Hire and promote from within.
#4 – When in doubt, do not hire.
#5 – When faced with people problems, act swiftly, seeking to do the greatest good for the greatest number.

At Leaps & Bounds you can be assured, every Leaps & Bounds employee has been thoroughly interviewed, assessed, and trained in the Company values (The Leaps & Bounds 24 points)

You will find no better educators, hospitality team and mentors anywhere!

How do you become one the Leaps & Bounds Crew?

  • Do you love kids?
  • Are your personal values in alignment with the Leaps & Bounds Mission? 
  • Is your approach to education one that helps “…kids love to learn”?

Submit an online application–along with three letters of character reference-(Download here) to our Human Resources Department.

Human Resources Department Leader

Janet Schumaker  [email protected]   

ph.  225.665.7200   fax. 225-667-6620