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Student Scholarship Application

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 Scholarship Application Procedures:

  • Leaps & Bounds Sports Center is proud to be able to offer a finite number of partial scholarships for qualified families needing financial assistance with tuition.
  • Note that scholarships are for tuition only and do not include any other costs such as apparel, equipment, meet fees, Booster fees, field trips, lodging, meals, etc.
  • All scholarships are awarded for a defined period of time. When the scholarship period expires a family is welcome to reapply.
  • If your family’s financial circumstances change during the scholarship period it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to immediately inform the Scholarship Committee.
  • Scholarships are determined upon by a committee comprised of: the Corporation’s Board of Directors, Company Officers, the Company’s Accounting Department.
  • Please expect the decision process to take 30-45 days. This includes initial as well as repeat applications. Scholarships do NOT cover payables.

Please return your completed application to:
Michelle Lavergne, Chairman, Scholarship Committee
Leaps & Bounds Sports Center
30113 Eden Church Rd
Denham Springs, LA 70726