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Little Hoppers

Since 1998 Little Hoppers has been the premier preschool gymnastics program in the Livingston Parish area!! Thousands of families will attest that their Little Hopper education has developed “happy, healthy, responsible children” into a generation of “happy, healthy, responsible adults”!

Little Hoppers is so much more than a gymnastics program for preschoolers. Our emphasis is not on being the fastest, the strongest or the best. Instead, it is on the excitement of learning. We believe that every child wants to learn, and when we find that delicate balance between learning and play, children are inspired!  With just the right amount of success and challenge, your child will discover that hard work is rewarding and that learning is fun.

Class Descriptions

We divide our Little Hoppers Program into several age groups. At these tender ages, we believe these divisions are necessary in order to create just the right learning environment for each stage of a child’s development. Few organizations go through this trouble but we know the children feel more comfortable and learn more in our groupings. We hope you agree.



About Our Staff

We believe that the greatest strength of our program is our teachers. Little Hoppers teachers have a genuine love for children, as well as a thorough understanding of early childhood development. Each of us is here to help your child grow and learn, and we do that through the fun and challenging activities we offer each week. 

Research indicates that the primary reason children participate in sports is to have fun. The number one reason they quit is because it is not fun anymore. Our teachers understand this concept and are committed to creating a positive, fun, learning environment in every class.  We know that the preschool years are the best time to learn to “love to learn.”