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Why swim with us?

Leaps & Bounds is committed to improving water safety in our community, and that starts with providing adaptive, life-saving swim lessons to the children who are most vulnerable. Our group lessons are designed to accomodate any child between the ages of 6 months and 12 years of age, while our private lessons can go even older or younger. Thanks to our classes' small student-teacher ratios, we are able to push every child in each of our classes to their fullest potential. Whether your child is learning to blow bubbles or prepping to join a swim team, we are here to help!

Thanks to our newly constructed indoor, heated pool facility, we are able to offer our swim lessons twelve months a year. The need for water safety doesn't end when the weather gets cold. Sign up today!

Two Types of Swim Class

During the summertime, we offer two different models of our lifesaving swim lessons - a daily class option, as well as our regular weekly one. For more information about each, click the corresponding buttons below:

Daily Classes

We offer daily swim lessons in two-week sessions. Each session consists of eight 30-minute swim classes where your child will work with the same instructor every single day. This lessons format is great for kids who are either new to swimming or rusty from their last set of classes. Your child will learn a lot very quickly from taking classes every day, but it's important to keep their swimming skills fresh! If you do not have a pool at home to practice in once your session is over, we recommend following up your session with one of our "weekly classes"

The daily lessons format is only available during the summer. Sign up while you can!

Standard Groups

Our standard group classes are offered in 3 age levels: 3-4, 4-6, and 6-12. These classes have a maximum student/teacher ratio of  4:1.
Price: $193


Guppies is a parent-tot group class made for babies and toddlers ages 6m-3y of age. Unlike our other daily group classes, guppies has a 10:1 student/teacher ratio. An adult parent or guardian be in the water with their child for each day of the session. A reusable swim diaper is required.
Price: $193

Private Lessons

Unlike our other daily class categories, private lessons consist of only four classes over a single week. These one-on-one classes are great for any kids who need more hands-on time with their teacher.
Price: $203

Register for a Daily Swim Class

Pick a date range and explore our options!
Standard Group and Guppies classes can be found in any of our eight numbered sessions.
Private Lessons are listed separately, as they don't follow the same two-week schedule as our groups.

Holiday Schedule

All daily swim classes are held on a Mon-Thurs schedule, unless disrupted by gym closures on the following holidays:

Memorial day, May 27 - The first week of Session 4 classes will run Tues-Fri.
Independence Day, July 4 - Session 6 classes will run Mon-Fri for week 1, and Mon-Wed for week 2

Weekly Classes

Much like class offerings in our other departments, our weekly swim classes are held once a week, billed monthly. These thirty-minute classes are offered in three main difficulty levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. These are group classes, each with a max enrollment of no more than four kids per class. We also offer a parent-tot group class for our babies and toddlers, as well as private lessons available for all ages! The weekly option is intended for long-term water education - it is not a "one and done" solution. For kids struggling with an intense fear of the water, we recommend signing up for an additional swim class every week, or starting out with one of our summer-only "daily lessons"


Bronze Level - $93/month

Our Bronze Level is perfect for the beginner swimmer who is just learning to blow bubbles, float, and kick. The primary goal of this level is to teach kids how to easily stay afloat on their front and back, without tiring themselves out. We also teach the basics of how to return to the wall and climb out after a fall-in pool accident.


Silver Level - $93/month

Our Silver Level is perfect for the intermediate-advanced swimmer who is ready to improve how far and how fast they can go in the water. The primary goal of this level is to teach kids how to swim with the freestyle and roll on their back to breathe. We also teach how to initiate a back float after a fall-in pool accident.


Gold Level - $93/month

Our Gold Level is perfect for advanced swimmers ages 6+ who have mastered the lifesaving basics taught in our bronze and silver classes, but still want more! The goal of this level is to teach kids the skills they will need for a swim team, should they decide to join one. These swimmers will learn side breathing, backstroke, breaststroke, beginner butterfly, and even some assisted diving!


Guppies Classes - $93/month

Our parent-child swim class is designed for toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years of age who still need an adult guardian with them during lessons. The goal of this level is to teach kids basic breath control, back floating, and mobility in the water through songs, games and other fun activities. They will also learn the basics of how to climb out of a swimming pool via the steps and ladder.


Private Lessons - $195/month

Private lessons are a great short term solution for kids who need a little extra 1-on-1 time with the teacher. The goal of this level is to help either advanced kids learn a specific skill, or to get an extremely nervous beginner comfortable enough to join a group.

Got a question? Ask the Department Leader!


Michael Kirshner - Swim Director

Michael has been teaching and coaching swim across the Greater Baton Rouge area for over a decade. He has loved the water since childhood, and was a state-qualifying competitive swimmer since the age of 11. Now, he runs the swim department here at Leaps & Bounds, while also handling many of our social media and graphic design needs

Michael's #1 goal as a swim instructor is to leave a lasting positive impact on every kid he works with.