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Why become a Gym Star?

Some experts say that the greatest benefits of gymnastics training for children are physical: the amazing power, the unparalleled balance, and injury- preventing agility and grace. Other experts say that the benefits are to the mind: the perseverance, the poise, the confidence, the attention to detail, the concentration. Which is right? Our experts know. The answer is, without a doubt, both. In fact, professional gymnastics training is a requisite for all kids who want to learn how to become the best they can be in life. Sound gymnastics training is for all kids.

Our Gym Stars curriculum is based on USAG Jr. Olympic Program as well as our 25 years' experience of teaching gymnastics to children. The Gym Stars curriculum is designed to provide a non-competitive, achievement-oriented program of life skills, conditioning and flexibility. Our teachers are specially selected and trained to safely bring out the best in each child by encouraging each child to exceed their perceived limitations. It is our special teachers and carefully vetted curriculum that have made Leaps & Bounds the #1 children’s programming in Denham Springs for 9 years!

Class Categories


Bronze Level - $94/month

Our BRONZE class is great for beginners and first time kids who have never taken gymnastics.  The primary goal of this level is to teach kids coordination, balance and flexibility while at the same time teaching skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels, walking on the beam, inverted hangs on the bars and straight jumps on the vault.


Silver Level - $94/month

Our SILVER class is great for kids who have mastered all of the Bronze level skills._The primary goal of this level is to teach kids increased strength and flexibility along with  handstands, round offs, jumps and leaps on the beam, pullovers on the bars and handsprings on the vault.


Gold Level - $94/month

Our GOLD class is great for kids who have mastered all of the Silver class skills.  The primary goal of this level is to teach kids conditioning , the importance of exercises to build strength and flexibility needed to master these new skills that involve back and front handsprings, back and front tucks, cartwheels and handstands on beam, back hip circles and kips on bars and front handsprings on vault.


Looking for the competition experience?

Check out our Diamonds competition gymnastics team! We hold multiple practices a week, where our athletes prepare for competitions against other nearby teams. The hours spent at gym practice are a great way for your child to form powerful friendships and gain a real sense of community through their athletic ability.

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Gym Stars

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