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Diamonds Gymnastics Team

Why become a Diamond?

Our Diamonds Gymnastics team is way more than balance beams and bars!  We are helping to raise up young ladies who exude confidence, determination and grit. Our students have learned that the habits of discipline, hard work, and commitment to both personal and team goals carry over into their school work and their lives as a whole. Every hard worker is a winner, even long after they have finished their gymnastics career.

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Gym Stars

Not interested in Competition?

Check out our Gym Stars program! Just like our many other rec programs, our Gym Stars classes are held only 1x weekly, and are a great option for kids just getting interested in the sport. These classes are a great way to participate in the amazing sport of artistic gymnastics, without the pressure of competition or intensive time commitment.

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Gym Stars

Customer Service Team

Leaps & Bounds offers high quality customer service for any and all questions you might have about our kids' sports programming. Shoot us an email or call anytime!