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Acro Gymnastics Rec Classes

Why become an acrobat?

Acrobatic gymnastics combines the beauty of dance, the awe of acrobatics, and the power of gymnastics in one exciting sport! One of five gymnastics disciplines governed by USA Gymnastics, Acrobatic Gymnasts draws from the basic elements of gymnastics, namely choreography, agility, balance, strength and grace. Competitive Acrobatic Gymnasts perform in pairs, trios and fours. The Balance Exercise demonstrates strength, agility and flexibility and the beautiful pyramids and static holds require immense concentration and cooperation among the partners. The Dynamic Exercise consists of tumbling with exciting “flight” elements and daring throws, pitches, catches, and tumbling sequences highlighting the choreography. Acrobatic Gymnastics is fun for athletes of any age and athletic ability.  Leaps & Bounds is thrilled to be incorporate Acrobatic Gymnastics into its Performance Athletic Programs! (Ages 6 years and older.)

Class Categories


Acro Rec Classes

These classes will provide your child the fun of an acrobatic gymnastics training, without the intensive time commitment or competition experience. Great for kids hoping to try out a new, more advanced gymnastics experience.


Looking for the competition experience?

Check out our Acro Heat competition team! We hold multiple practices every week, where athletes work together in preparation for intense competions, both in and out of state. These intensive hours are a great way for your child to form powerful friendships, and gain a real sense of community through their athletic ability.

Got a question? Ask the Department Leader!

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Silviya Ivanova - Acro Head Coach

Silviya Ivanova has been with Leaps & Bounds since 2018. Born in Bulgaria, she was a gymnast for 8 years, and was even a part of the National team as they prepared for the 1976 Olympic Games! After suffering an unfortunate injury, Silviya switched to acrobatic gymnastics, which was a less demanding sport at the time. Before her injury, Silviya was able to win multiple medals at national championships. She has a master’s degree in Gymnastics, and trained in classical ballet for 3 years as well. Silviya has also trained, coached, and judged acrobatic gymnastics on an international level through various organizations. At Leaps & Bounds, she is known for teaching great technique with great passion.