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Leaps & Bounds Sports Center - Gymnastics Classes & More in Denham Springs!

A young girl with blonde pigtails, wearing a colorful sleeveless top and pink shorts, sits on a red padded surface, smiling cheerfully. The text "TO HAVE FUN..." is displayed in bold white letters on a purple gradient overlay to her right, perfect for promoting Kids Sports Camps Baton Rouge.

Leaps & Bounds Sports Center knows about having FUN! We believe that maintaining a proper balance between fun, learning, and growing are key to a child’s development and well-being. Check out our programs and see how much fun your child can have at Leaps and Bounds!

A young child wearing a multi-colored swimsuit and unicorn-themed goggles is leaning on the edge of a pool, smiling. The background is blurred and overlaid with blue. Text on the right reads "...TO LEARN...". Discover Youth Swim Lessons Denham Springs today!

Leaps & Bounds Sports Center believes that each child should not only have fun while they are at our facility, but should also learn valuable lessons to apply to everyday life! We have several programs where you child will learn valuable skills and morals that they can take with them as the grow.

A child is hanging upside down on a yellow cargo net inside an indoor play area, smiling joyfully. The background features a gradient from purple to orange, with the text "...AND TO GROW" in large, white letters on the right side—a perfect birthday party venue for adventurous kids.

Leaps & Bounds Sports Center builds each of our programs to help your child grow and build the necessary foundation for their adolescent and adult lives. By becoming involved in group activities and fostering teamwork skills, we help your child grow into a responsible and strong individual!

We've Been Helping Kids Grow Since 1998

We are very selective about who we allow to join our team. Together, we operate like a second family for your kids. If you'd like to join the crew, or get in touch with a team member, check out the options below: