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Competitive Gymnastics

Leaps & Bounds Gymnastics team is way more than balance beams and bars!  We are helping to raise up young ladies who exude confidence, determination and grit.

Our athletes learn that the energy that comes with physical conditioning; the fun of competition; the sense of effort and friendship; the realization that work and discipline in a fun first environment can lead to the pleasures of achieving personal goals; the confidence that comes with mastering something you couldn’t do before; and the good feeling of just being in an exhilarating atmosphere and knowing you did a good job! Our students have learned too that the habits of discipline, hard work, and commitment to goals they acquire as members in our program carry over into their school work and their lives as a whole. Everyone who sticks in and tries is a winner, even long after they have finished their gymnastics career.



Our athletes compete Levels 1-5 in the NGA Gymnastics program.  Our athletes have placed in individual events and all around placements throughout the state. Team tryouts are held in March.



Leaps & Bounds Gymnastics Team Department Leader:

Silviya Ivnova

Silviya Ivanova has been with Leaps & Bounds since 2018.  Born in Bulgaria, Silviya was a gymnast for 8 years. She was part of the National team that was getting ready for the Olympic Games in 1976. In those years, she won a lot of medals at national championships. She switched to acrobatic gymnastics after an injury as acro was less demanding back then.  She has a master’s degree in Gymnastics.  She trained in classical ballet for 3 years as well.  Silviya has also trained, coached, and judged acrobatic gymnastics on an international level.  She teaches great technique with great passion.