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Leaps & Bounds Ninja

 Class Descriptions: 

Mini Ninjas ages 3-5

Preschool: Learning to Learn!

Locomotor, Independence, Rolling, Hanging, Jumping, Climbing  

Ninjas (5-7) or (8-13)

Entry Level Class:

Running, Agility Games, Swinging, Monkey Bars, Basic Trampoline, Handstanding, Rolling

Mighty Ninjas

Intermediate Class:

Handstand Walking, Cartwheels, Round Offs, Handspring Training, Front Flips, Rope Climbing, Bar-to-Bar Swings, Parkour Vaults

Master Ninjas

Advanced Ninjas:

Handsprings, Back Flips, Side Flips, Wall Flips, Wall Spins, Advanced Combo Vaults, Ninja Warrior Grabs, Swings

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